About The Site

The site is dedicated to child, youth ,women and environment where one can participate and share his/her views on global issues effecting them and their communities and take positive steps to spread knowledge and create awareness on environment, social and other issues for the betterment of this planet. This site that serve, teach and inspire children, youths on global issues and support and recognize the efforts of the students across the globe who are working at the grass root level to protect and preserve the environment and also to support and creating awareness to achieve the United Nations millennium developments (MDG) goals to eradicate poverty & hunger, universal education, gender equality, child and women health, combat diseases like HIV/Aids, environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources, global partnership for helping change the world for better.

CYWE Network

Our mission is to unite the young people on global issue especially to child advocacy; youth lead initiatives, girl child issues, education, women empowerment,poverty, environmental issues with the help of science and technology and internet from school, college, universities and everywhere. Our objective is to motivate the youths to standup and act on global issues and bring positive changes in our community and their vision and experiments with the world. Join with this unique network of people and share your thoughts and stories, vision, share photos, initiatives, pictures, projects, suggestions and innovations to make a difference in the life of others. The main objective of this site is to create awareness and make the child and youths to be a good citizen of the world and to make them aware with the latest challenges that the world is facing today. This is an online project for the overall development of the child, youth and women and a platform where they can work together, share and connect and bring peace and prosperity and save the natural resources with their combined efforts. Hope people will especially youths will join in this movement to share their views and learn on global issues and bring positive changes in the world. This site is unique as it connects various global issues under one roof and where every one can participate and share his or her vision and initiatives, contribute and grow. It is a site by the people and for the people. Collectively we can change the world.

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